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We are seeking a talented and experienced Senior SEO Analyst who has a passion across the SEO spectrum incorporating all things technical, on-page and off-page SEO. Residing within our Growth team you get excited about the various nuances that drive a successful SEO program. You understand the value google ranking that well optimized content and HTML source code on a page brings to the success of an on-page SEO pillar (i.e. identifying/enhancing H1’s, meta titles/descriptions, navigation, site usability and more). Your creativity and marketing knowledge drive successful off-page SEO results. Your off-page SEO expertise leads to the utilization of an array of tactics to improve a search engines perception of a sites popularity, trustworthiness and relevance (i.e. leveraging Social to capitalize on SERP real estate, implementing innovative marketing/link building tactics and more). While not a developer you know the influential technical SEO practices that maximize search engine crawling and indexing of a large enterprise site (i.e. addressing duplicate content, updating XML sitemaps, implementing schema to value of enhancing SERP CTR’s and more). The identification and prioritization of key SEO projects that drive business success come naturally to you.

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