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Sara Goldrick-Rab, a GW alumna and a professor of higher education policy and sociology at Temple University, said many universities struggle to find programs to make sure students can eat. "I didnt expect students to say that there were days that they did not eat because they didnt have enough money," Goldrick-Rab said of her research about students' affordability issues. Goldrick-Rab said the high cost of living and eating in D.C. when she was a student forced her to consider universities' responsibilities to their students. With J Street closed for renovations and District House vendors yet to open, GW is currently without a กระเป๋า charles & keith อ่านว่า main campus dining hall. Goldrick-Rab said although food pantries are a step in the right direction, they are not a permanent solution to food insecurity. "They will help to the extent to Band-Aids will help, Goldrick-Rab said. This post was updated to reflect the following correction: The Hatchet incorrectly reported that The Store will accept food donations. The Store will accept kitchen supply donations.

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(AP) George Washington's adopted son was a bit of a ne'er-do-well by most accounts, including those of Washington himself, who wrote about his frustrations with the boy they called "Wash." "From his infancy, I have discovered an almost unconquerable disposition to indolence in everything that did not tend to his amusements," the founding father wrote. At the time, George Washington Parke Custis was 16 and attending Princeton, one of several schools he bounced in and out of. Before long, he was back home at Mount Vernon, where he would be accused of fathering children with slaves. Two centuries later, the National Park Service and the nonprofit that runs Washington's Mount Vernon estate are concluding that the rumors were true: In separate exhibits, they show that the first family's family tree has been biracial from its earliest branches. "There is no more pushing this history to the side," said Matthew Penrod, a National Park Service ranger and programs manager at Arlington House, where the lives of the Washingtons, their slaves and Confederate Gen. กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH Robert E. Lee all converged. President George Washington had no direct descendants, and his wife Martha Custis was a widow when they married, but he adopted Martha's grandchildren "Wash" and his sister "Nellie" and raised them on his Mount Vernon estate. Parke Custis married Mary Fitzhugh in 1804, and they had one daughter who survived into adulthood, Mary Anna Randolph Custis. In 1831, she married her third cousin Lee, who then served as a U.S. Army lieutenant.

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